Non Fiction

Dao De Jing - Lao Tzu
As A Man Thinketh
The Science of Being Well
Initiative Psychic Energy - Warren Hilton
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
The Science of Getting Rich
The Book of enoch
The Science of Being Great
Dynamic Thought - Law of Vibrant Energy
The Mastery of Destiny
Law of Attraction Lectures
The Path of Prosperity
Morning and Evening Thoughts - James Allen
Law of Attraction Lectures - Binge It
Light on Life's Difficulties
Man: King of Mind, Body, and Circumstance
Byways to Blessedness
The Art of War
The Way of Peace
Eight Pillars of Prosperity - James Allen
The Communist Manifesto - Karl Marx
The Ego and His Own - Max Stirner
The Flying Saucers Are Real
A Short History of the United States
California Coast Trails
The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton
A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier
Thought Vibration - William Atkinson